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1921 Photo of Baybirds at Chatham Yacht Club

Originally there were only three buoys so the course was HWS (x 1 or 2...) or

SWH  (x 1 or 2...)

For the purpose of handicapping, the course in 1940 and 1941 was a triangle of 2.84 miles.

1.  Sipson’s Buoy at the crossing of the two lines joining: - 

    • The House of Ex-Commodore McClennen and the Crest of Little Sipson’s Island
    • The House of Lawrence Brooks and the easterly end of Great Head where the Channel joins the bay.
    2. Winslow’s Buoy at the crossing of the two lines joining 
          •  E. F. McClennen’s House and the Lawrence Ewing house.
          • The Club pier and the westerly edge of Mrs. G. J. Hill’s front lawn where it marks the beach.

          3. Head of the Bay on the line joining: 

          • The E. F. McClennen House and the R.C.A. Radio tower and about 200 yards off shore.

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