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CYC Adult Sailing Classes, Summer 2024

The Adult Sailing class will be offered to adult CYC members (21+ years of age) on Mondays from 2:00-4:30PM.  Classes will be held for 8 weeks (June 24-August 12). This class will be taught, once again, by CYC volunteer adult members in loaned Beetle Cats, 14-foot Catboats, and Sunfish, where and when applicable. Classes will begin with a 20-minute “chalk talk”, and then approximately an hour and a half of sailing/teaching on Pleasant Bay, and ending with a skills wrap-up and refreshments on shore.  With an emphasis on safety and comfort, the focus will be on boat handling skills related to recreational sailing and/or racing in small boats. We will divide students as much as possible by needs and interests: skilled vs. beginners, recreational vs. competitive sailors…etc. As always, a CYC patrol boat will be out on the Bay for safety.  This year we hope to help arrange child (and pet) care again during Monday classes so please let Gwen Shipley know if you would like to express interest. 

With working adults in mind, we are offering an alternate (or additional) section of this class on Saturday mornings from 9:30-11:30. This class will be taught by our paid instructors. If this is something you would like to participate in, please register below.  People are welcome to sign up for either or both Mondays and Saturdays if they would like extra practice. 

Monday Class (Beginner & Intermediate)

If you would be interested in joining a Saturday class either instead of, or in addition to Monday, please use the link below.

Saturday Class (Beginner)

Interested in helping teach this class, or have a boat to lend to the program? Email Gwen Shipley to let her know how you can help! 

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