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CYC Campaign for the Next Century 

In 2022, due to the generosity of its members, Chatham Yacht Club raised more than its goal in the Campaign for the Next Century. These funds are now being directed to ensure the Club has the resources and foundation to thrive for the next 100 years.

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Honoring Our Past

Building Our Future

Why is the Campaign for the Next Century necessary?

CYC's Pillars of Support

Environment - Fleet - Infrastructure - Future


CYC’s beachfront will be tested over the next century due to climate change. Rising tides and increased storm severity pose the risk of erosion and potentially damage to the Club. CYC needs to have the resources necessary to act against these threats and provide annual beach nourishment.


CYC’s sailboat and powerboat fleet are both in need of ongoing investment. The cost of upgrades to its 420 and Laser fleets has increased beyond original plans. In addition, CYC’s powerboats are aging and need to evolve to meet changing coaching and instruction needs of our competitive sailors.


While CYC enjoys a relatively new Clubhouse, it is important to stay current with maintenance and planned repairs both now and over the coming decades. Notably, the Club’s pier and dock require multiple repairs, a new floating dock is needed, as is a new waterline.

The Future

Based on these needs identified above,  we are asking all families to make ongoing donations to CYC starting in 2024 equal to 10%-15% of their initial donation. The Club’s capital requirements can only be met through annual donations as Membership and Sailing School fees just cover annual expenses. This ongoing generosity will ensure the Club’s needs are funded for years to come.

CYC is YOUR Club 

Every August, more than 50 members of Chatham Yacht Club are nominated to serve as Officers or Committee Chairs of the Club

These +50 people dedicate thousands of hours each summer and, often, year-round to managing Chatham Yacht Club

They oversee every function of the Club, including

  • Management of Club finances
  • Management of paid Sailing School staff
  • Administration of the Sailing School
  • Weekly races held three afternoons per week
  • The annual Chatham Yacht Club Regatta
  • Membership and new member recruitment
  • Multiple social events
  • House and ground maintenance
  • Oversight of the powerboat and sailboat fleets and trailers
  • Coordination of Optimist and 420 away regattas
  • Communication and social media
  • Website administration
  • Chatham Yacht Club gear and clothing design, ordering, and sales
  • Coordination with US Sailing and Southern Massachusetts Sailing
  • Relations with Eastward Ho!
  • Oversight of volunteers for Chatham Yacht Club events

Nothing would happen at CYC without this culture of volunteerism

Replacing these volunteers would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thank you for your support!

As Chatham Yacht Club looks to its next century of promoting sailing on Pleasant Bay, we must address several challenges and opportunities.

Perhaps the greatest challenge facing CYC is the need to ensure its beachfront is preserved given a rapidly changing environment.

At the same time, CYC has the opportunity to upgrade its fleet and attend to aging infrastructure.

Please just us in the Campaign for the Next Century to provide CYC the resources it needs to thrive over the next 100 years.

Campaign for the Next Century 

What can your donation do?


How much should I give?

The decision on how much to donate is a very personal one and every dollar has an impact. Please consider your family’s resources, the importance of Chatham Yacht Club to your life, and our $350,000 goal.

Can I donate something other than cash?

Yes. Notably, Chatham Yacht Club accepts appreciated securities and employer matching donations.

Is the donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Chatham Yacht Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so all donations are tax-deductible.

Can I make payment over time?

Yes. We are seeking pledges at this time. Pledge payments on larger commitments can be made over a future period.

More questions?

Please feel free to reach out to Commodore, Marshall Bartlett! 


Should you wish to contribute to the Capital Campaign, please see the "donate" tab on the website.   Thank you!

Chatham Yacht Club | P.O. Box 531 | North Chatham, MA 02650

CYC is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Your donations are tax deductible!

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