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Spinsheet -Pre Season 2022

While it may seem a long time ago or just like yesterday that we were all saying farewell at the end of last summer, the 2022 Chatham Yacht Club season is finally upon us! Thanks to our House and Grounds Chair, Bart Wesp, and so many of you, the Clubhouse was officially opened over the Memorial Day weekend which means it’s only a few weeks before we can begin to gather and sail together again. While nothing can rival the multiple events we had last summer in celebration of the CYC Centennial, we have a fun and action-packed schedule for the coming months.

Although COVID-19 continues to impact our nation and world, CYC aims to do as much as possible in-person and in-line with our traditional schedule this coming season. Sailing School begins on June 27 and will continue through August 19. Races begin that same week and will follow the same schedule as last summer with a few modifications. Please see the updates below from the Sailing School and the Racing Corner for more details. Our Opening Meeting will be held at 3:00pm on  July 2 following the Saturday races and will be held in-person outside the Clubhouse. Other important dates for social events, the CYC Regatta, beach days, and other activities can be found in the calendar below.

We announced several retirements from the senior Sailing School staff last fall but we are thrilled with the team that will be leading the program this coming season. Ellen Fuller is returning to CYC to lead the Sailing School as Program Director, Grace Gunsalus will be the Assistant Program Director and Director of the Optimist program, Katelyn McGauley will serve as the 420 Race Team Head Coach, and multiple returning and new staff members will fill out the other important positions. A Sailing School Open House will be held the afternoon of July 6 to provide Sailing School parents information on all they’ll need to know about the program for the coming summer.

There are many other exciting developments. Led by Gwen Shipley, the highly popular Adult Sailing program is being expanded to offer more of you the opportunity to participate. Thanks to the work of Liz Kintz, CYC has an expanded gear store to get everything and anything you could want for CYC merchandise. If you haven’t seen the latest offerings, take a look at the Gear page on the CYC website! Finally, led by Alicia Downs and Sarah Lipson, CYC has expanded the number of ways you can volunteer and get involved at the Club. Please see below for details on all these topics.

As we have mentioned on a few occasions over the past year, we have begun work and started discussions with a few of you on a new capital campaign for CYC. The Campaign for the Next Century will focus on three important areas for investment at CYC: the environment (CYC beachfront reinforcement and nourishment), the CYC fleet (sailboats and powerboats), and CYC infrastructure. The Campaign is also putting in-place a model to continue to fund the Club’s capital needs for decades to come. Thanks to early generous donations, we have already made investments in new 420s, new 420 sails, and a new RIB for the Sailing School. We will provide more details in the next Spinsheet and at the Opening Meeting.

We hope you enjoy reading about all the plans for the coming summer at CYC and are looking forward to it as much as we are. We hope to see you at the Clubhouse soon!

The Flag Officers of the Chatham Yacht Club

Marshall Bartlett, Commodore

Tracy Dart, Vice Commodore

Bart Wesp, Rear Commodore

Cindi Fitzmaurice, Treasurer

Carrie Spring, Secretary



First Day of Sailing School

    June 27th, 2022

Our staff is the foundation of our program. This year, we have a mixture of returning and new staff. The 2022 instructors are racing enthusiasts, sportsmanlike competitors, and passionate teachers. They are a truly inspirational group for younger sailors to learn from.

Grace Gunsalus will be the assistant program director and optimist program directorShe will be running the Opti I Class with the help of the instructors, Sarah Lenox and Amelia Gassner, as well as, Opti race team with instructors Cody Lamoreux and Cailyn Murphy Cailyn, Cody, and Chad Bartlett will also be collaborating to run the advanced Opti class. These sailors dominated the Cape Cod Opti regattas when they were Opti sailors, and they are eager to now be on the teaching side of things. Their students are lucky to benefit from the combined expertise of these coaches.

We are so lucky to have our 420 Race Coach, Katelyn McGauley. Katelyn is an accomplished college sailor, competing on Boston College’s team. With knowledge of both skippering and crewing, fleet racing, and team racing, we could not ask for a more versatile and impressive teacher. Last year, she was the optimist head race coach, and we are so excited to have her return this summer.

The Helmsman 420 class will be led by Tucker Lamoreux and Ryan McGauley. These two instructors lead by example through their impressive 420 racing resumes, and they will doubtlessly inspire their students to love racing as much as they do.

Schuyler Bartlett and Karina Lamoreux are returning as the leaders of our Crew Class. This beginner class sails in borrowed Beetle Cats, generously donated by CYC members. Karina and Schuyler not only have the skills but also the patience, enthusiasm, and kindness it takes to run this essential curriculum. The students will receive individual attention and feedback from our wonderful junior instructors, Catherine Dickson, Julia Scipione, and Finlay Sullivan.

Our growing Recreational Program, which sails in Sunfish, will be run by Margaret Dickson with the help of Julia Szymanski. Margaret will also be in charge of our Laser class. These fun and creative instructors will encourage the learning of sailing in a non-racing environment.

Our Summer 2022 staff will build on CYC’s reputation as a yacht club valuing sportsmanship, competition, and learning. Every student has a place in our program. We hope that they will leave sailing school each day having learned something.

As program director, my goal is to create an environment of inclusion that recognizes each child as an individual and works to meet their highest potential. Let’s go sailing!

-Ellen Fuller

Please see the  Sailing School Overview page for detailed information on:

Parking and Drop-Off Guidelines

What to Bring to Sailing School

Pickup from Sailing School



Happy summer to everyone! We are returning to a new and improved "normal" this summer - and continuing to have some of the most active one-design racing in the U.S. Sailors compete each week for pennants, and their performance over the entire summer can lead to their winning the season series (and adding their name to one of our trophies). You do not have to own a sailboat or motor boat to participate.  Often sailors and patrol boaters need people to crew with them. Students in the Sailing School can ask the instructors to help them find a way to participate.

The CYC Season Series document contains the key information that you need( will be posted on the website soon), but here is a summary of the main points.

On Tuesdays, we begin racing at 1 pm and run starts for 420s, Sunfish, Optimists, and Beetle Cats. We run two starts for each class with each start being a different season series. The second Beetle Cat start is our Women's Series. Even if you do not have one of these boats, you are welcome to come watch, or help patrol or help run the races.

On Wednesdays, the Sailing School race for that day's students begins approximately at 12:30 pm. The Junior Races - which are open to any CYC sailor (all skippers have to be under the age of 16) begin at 2:00 pm with starts for 420s, Sunfish, Optimists, and Beetle Cats. Family members are welcome to come watch the races! NOTE: We will have someone at the June 29 and July 6 races to help explain to the spectators how the races are run.

On Thursdays, the Sailing School race for that day's students begins approximately at 12:30 pm. Family members are welcome to come watch the race! NOTE: We will have someone at the June 30 and July 7 races to help explain to the spectators how the races are run.

The Saturday schedule has been modified for this year - reflecting the members desire to have two races but to not be at CYC too long. Just like Tuesdays, we begin racing at 1 pm and will run a second race immediately following the first. Both races will count for the same Saturday series. Because we are running two races, we will NOT try to make up any races that are cancelled due to weather (etc.). On the first and last Saturday of the season we will only run one race because of the opening and closing meetings. On Saturdays, we run starts for C-14s, Lasers, 420s, Sunfish, Optimists, and Beetle Cats.

We are finalizing some adjustments to the Sailing Instructions based on feedback from some of the racers and will post them on the website (and share them in a Spinsheet ) as soon as the changes are final. 



Do you watch others sail and wish you could join them? CYC offers Adult Sailing classes both for beginners and for those who want to learn how to race. Join Adult Sailing on Monday afternoons for classes led by your peers. It is a great way to get to know other members better and to get out on the water. We are hoping to offer additional beginner lessons on Saturday mornings taught by our paid instructors. If you are interested in the Saturday option, please fill out the interest form below to let us know. People are welcome to sign up for either or both if they would like extra practice. Registration for the Monday class is now active on the website. Finally, we hope to help arrange child (and pet) care during Monday classes so please let Gwen Shipley ( know if you would be interested.

Saturday Interest Form                                                 Top

Getting your boat to CYC:

No boats or sailboards may be carried over the hill to be launched at CYC. Launching may take place at Jack Knife Harbor, the Town Landing on Crow's Pond, Ryder's Cove or in Round Cove.**

Transportation of 420s and Optis over the hill for the purpose of attending regattas during the summer may occur ONLY before sunrise and after sunset per our lease with Eastward Ho!

**please stay tuned for more information on which boat ramps are allowed to by used by residents with permits.  There are new rules in place set by the responsible townships.   





June 28th: First races of the season!

July 2nd: First Saturday race (14:00) followed by OPENING MEETING (approx 15:30)

July 4th:  Parade, 4th of July Race, Strawberry Shortcake Social

July 6th: Sailing School Open House (Time TBD)

July 8th : Commodore's Cocktails, 6:00pm

July 17th: CYC Beach Day

July 22nd: Sailing School Picnic 5:30pm

August 5th: CYC Commodore's Buffet

August 6th-7th: CYC Regatta

August 14th: CYC Beach Day

August 19th: Last Hurrah Cocktails, 6:00pm

The CYC Social Committee is looking forward to a wonderful summer filled with fun events for the whole family, but we count on volunteers to make all these events happen!! Please sign up on the CYC website! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact

Kristen Zabbo and Laura Etre



We need your help.

In order to keep children safe, the costs affordable as well as maintain the community culture of Chatham Yacht Club, CYC relies on ALL members to volunteer in order to get everything done. This also a great way to get to know old and new CYC members.

Thank you to those who have volunteered this season already! 

Members with sailing school participants should sign up for at least one slot  per child (race day or social or house and grounds volunteer) per child enrolled in Sailing School and at least one Regatta donation per child in Sailing School.

Members with our Sailing School participants should sign up for at least two volunteers slots and at least one item for the Regatta.

Please see the separate signups below.  The more the better, THANK YOU!

Parent on Duty  Social Event   Race Day   

Regatta Volunteers




For the full collection of CYC apparel—including classic polos, tech tees, tech polos, sweatshirts, fleeces, quarter zips, hats, visors, sandals as well as outdoor Patagonia and Helly Hansen apparel—be sure to visit the online CYC club stores (open year-round) at Team One Newport and Eliza B Leather Man. The direct links to these CYC club stores are available on the NEW CYC website’s gear page.


During the sailing school season, you can find a curated collection of CYC accessories (e.g., notepads, car magnets, pens, and Smathers & Branson tumblers, key fobs, bottle openers, sunglass straps, and more) as well as a very limited inventory of apparel basics at the CYC clubhouse pop-up honor shop. The CYC honor shop is open each day during sailing school hours.

For any questions, feel free to reach CYC parent and gear volunteer Liz Kintz at                                                        Top

CYC Parking

The new parking lot configuration allows for multi-directional Fox Hill Road access from three points as illustrated in the diagram below. It is essential that all CYC traffic use the third entrance on Fox Hill road to minimize the access traffic and pedestrian hazards in the other parts of the parking area.

The added parking has improved parking but we, EHCC and CYC, need to continue to optimize on the available parking with the following actions;

Sailing School morning classes

CYC instructors will be available to help students to and from the CYC club house so parents can enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” noted by the yellow cross-hash area. Before 11:30 am, parking maybe available on a first-come, first-serve basis in the designated area, highlighted in green box, for parents to bring their children to classes, meet the instructors and fellow parents. Please be aware this area is not exclusive to CYC but shared with EHCC. If there is a shortage of parking spaces in the designated area, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd. “Pickup and go” will also be available for your convenience at the conclusion of morning classes at the Pick-up spot shown in the diagram. This is a safer and shaded location where our students can be ready for pick-up.


Parking begins to get busy around 11:30 when Eastward Ho! Lunch service begins. After 11:30, We ask that CYC members park on the Fox Hill road shoulder during lunch if the north lot is busy.

Afternoon classes and races

Due to the limited amount of parking spaces, Parents are encouraged to enjoy the convenience of “drop and go” where appropriate for the children. Parents who would like to see your kids in action during the afternoon races can check for available parking spots in the designated (green) area after 2 PM. If there is a shortage of parking spaces at any time, please park on the shoulder of Fox Hill Rd.

Eastward Ho! will have parking lot attendants available to assist with traffic flow and direct CYC members to the designated (green) area. Please don’t hesitate to speak with them if you have any questions or need assistance.

As always, safety is paramount as we balance convenience and consideration for a shared parking resource with our friends at Eastward Ho!

Thank you for your cooperation as we begin a new exciting season at CYC!

Courtesy and Safety on the Golf Course

An average golf ball leaves the tee traveling 115 mph or more, and our path to CYC takes us right in front of the first tee. Adults and children need to take care as they cross in front.  Eastward Ho! has provided a fence to protect us.  CYC members should stop at the edge of the fence, look and assess the situation.  Always wait while golfers are teeing off, but if the golfers are waiting, they may signal it is safe to cross. Be aware as you approach the ninth green as well, since it is just beyond our path.

Eastward Ho! and CYC have a great working relationship, but it depends on CYC members being courteous to and respectful of the golfers.  Please wear shirts and shoes when crossing the hill, and do not use your cell phone.  It is best to be quiet when golfers are on the 9th green.  You may stop and wait, or move quietly by, but try not to distract those focusing on their putts.


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