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Summer 2022

Spinsheet -August 30, 2022

What a great start the summer of 2022 was to the next century of Chatham Yacht Club! Across all CYC’s offerings – from the Sailing School to the weekly races to the Adult Sailing program to our multiple social events to another windy CYC Regatta to our accomplished 420 and Optimist Race Teamsthis past season was an incredibly successful one for our sailing community.

Returning (one last time, I promise!) to a theme I mentioned several times during the summer, I want to thank you all for the time, talent, and treasure you offered to CYC over the recent months.

TIME: Our eight weeks together each summer at CYC is sadly very brief. Thank you for embracing every moment of it with us and for participating in so many ways as part of our Club community. I hope the time you spent at CYC was as special and memorable for you and your family as it was for me and mine.

TALENT: As you all know, CYC runs on volunteerism and all of you offered so many of your talents to the Club this past summer. It would be impossible to thank every single person who gave of themselves to CYC this year but I would like to especially thank the Executive Committee of Tracy Dart (Vice Commodore), Bart Wesp (Rear Commodore), Cindi Fitzmaurice (newly retired Treasurer), Carrie Spring (Secretary), and Julie Murphy and Barb Shipley (Sailing School Co-Chairs); our Adult Sailing Chairs of Gwen Shipley and Karen Taylor; our amazing Social Committee of Kristen Zabbo, Laura Etre, Nikki Bartlett, Jenna Benson, Deb McLean, Kerry Cahaly, and Jenn Gilmartin; the CYC Volunteer Co-Chairs, Alicia Downs and Sarah Lipson; Ted Dickson and the members of the CYC Race Committee; the members of the CYC Dock Committee; our great Patrol Captain, Mike Szymanski, and Fleet Captains, Kegan Berner and Jeff Howell; and our Gear Chair, Liz Kintz.

A very important set of people to thank for their talents are Ellen Fuller, Grace Gunsalus, and the incredible CYC Sailing School staff. These young people work incredibly hard and are called on daily to contribute in ways that fall outside their job descriptions. One tangible way we can all say thank you to our staff is by making a gift to the Staff Appreciation Fund. Please join me in making a contribution to express our gratitude to this amazing group. You can donate through the following link:

TREASURE: One of the most important initiatives this past season was the Campaign for the Next Century, the capital campaign we announced at the CYC Opening Meeting with a goal to raise $350,000 to make the needed investments in the Club’s environment, sailboat and powerboat fleet, and infrastructure to position CYC for success in its next century. You responded to this call and were incredibly generous with your treasure, donating to-date over $365,000 towards our ambitious goal! We have begun making the investments in the areas targeted in the Campaign and will have more updates for you in the months ahead. Most importantly, I am so grateful for your generous support of CYC and I would in particular like to thank the Campaign Committee of Paul Burmeister, Natalie Coleman-Fuller, Tracy Dart, Alan McClennen, Bonnie Rosenthall, Anne Sampson, Cathy Taylor, and Bart Wesp.

I always find this time of the summer very bittersweet in Chatham. While the places, sights, and sounds are all the same on Pleasant Bay as they have been all summer, it is simply not the same because the people of CYC are no longer there each day. It is the people of CYC and the culture you’ve all created at our Club that makes CYC so special. We are very fortunate to share our eight-week season together and I look forward to next June when we can gather again. In the meantime, enjoy the end of summer, I hope you have a great start to the fall, and thank you again for a truly memorable summer 2022!

- Marshall Bartlett, Commodore


Chatham Yacht Club Executive, Sailing Series and Sailing School Awards were presented during the closing meeting on August 21st.  Congratulations to each of you!  

To See A Full List of Recipients

CYC SUMMER SNAPSHOT - What a summer!

  • 130 registrants in the Sailing School
  • Approximately 200 sailors registered for the CYC Regatta
  • Multiple successful social events, Commodore's Cocktails, CYC Beach Days, Ladies Luncheon,  Sailing School Picnic, Last Hurrah and more!
  • Optimist Race Team members won several regattas including the Stage Harbor Optimist Regatta and the CYC Regatta
  • 420 Race Team members won every regatta they entered during the summer
  • In the Southern Massachusetts Sailing Association Wesley Durant Team-Racing Trophy regatta, the CYC 420 Race Team competed against ten other clubs and went 16-0 over two days to win the Trophy for the second year in a row  
CYC SMSA Team Members


Our sailing school staff has done a wonderful job this year! If you feel positive about the job these hard working young people have done for the last eight weeks, or if you want to give an extra thank you for your child's sailing school experience, please donate to the staff appreciation fund.  The club uses these funds to give bonuses to the teachers.   Thank you!

Contribute Here


Please join us in thanking our members who have contributed their time and energy developing and running our (fun!) ADULT sailing class. 

Ann Carson

Allison Coleman

Natalie Fuller

Anna Harper

Jeff Howell

Julie Howell

Phil Robbins

Alice Ronty

Anne Sampson

Gwen Shipley

Carrie Spring

Cathy Taylor

Karen Taylor

And our amazing boat owners who have graciously loaned their boats to the program: 

The Burmeister Family

The Carson Family

The Coleman Family

The Eslick Family

The Colin Fuller Family

The Natalie Fuller Family

The Harper Family

The Howell Family

The O'Sullivan Family

The Ronty Family

The Sampson Family

The Sherer Family

The Shipley Family

The Szymanski Family

The Taylor Family

The Terwilliger Family


Thank you to our generous donors!

Badowski, Caitlin and Nathan

Bartlett, Nikki and Marshall

Bartlett, Stephanie and Charles

Benson, Jenna and Sam

Berdik, Jeanne and Richard

Berner, Kristen and Kegan

Burmeister, Gail and Paul

Bush, Kathleen and Brian

Carson, Ann and Roycraft, Paul

Clary, Heather and Scott

Coleman, Alison and Bosley, Allison

Coleman, Natalie and Fuller, Rob

Coleman, Roz and Bill

Dart, Ashley

Dart, Bunny and Rich

Dart, Tracy and Dan

DeSilva, Michelle and Peter

Dickson, Melissa and Ted

Driscoll, Alix and Jack

Dow, Amy and Jim

Doyle, Nancy

Ellwood, Fiona and David

Eslick, Sarah and Jason

Fitzmaurice, Cindi and Fitz

Gertsberg, Sophia and Klepikov, Michael

Goheen, Maureen and Charles

Graupe, Margaret and Jeff

Hargraeves Family

Hoenmeyer, Cheryl

Howell, Dina and Jeff

Howell, Dolly

Howell, Julie and Byler, Kevin

Kincaid, Walter

Kintz, Liz and Brad

Koch Family

Lester, Harv and McMinn, Donald

Lipson, Sarah and Daniel

Lorin, Liz and Hal

Luciano, Elizabeth and Frank

Maggioni, Cara and Gassner, Jay

Maggioni, Sue and John

McClennen, Carol and Walter

McClennen, Fran and Alan

McFarlan, Karen and Warren

McGauley, Patty and Greg

McHorney, Deborah and George

McLean, Deb and Jim

Murphy, Julie and Neil

O’Sullivan, Catie

O’Sullivan, Melise and Jim

Padegs, Harris

Papadeas, Nick

Peck, Penny and Schuyler

Perkins, Karen and Bill

Proia, Melissa and Nick

Reece, Ann and Norval

Reuland, Mary and Geoff

Robbins, Anna, Steven, and Calder

Robbins, Maxine and Phil

Rogers, Lyndy

Ronty, Alice and Paul

Rosenthall, Bonnie and Phil

Roth, Belinda and Tony

Ryan Family

Sampson, Anne and Hugh

Scipione, Angela and Doug

Scipione, Megan and Jeff

Scipione, Richard

Sheldrick, Karen

Sherer, Katy and Frank

Shipley, Barb and Lamoreux, Paul

Shipley, Gwen and DiRocco, Kevin

Shipley, Jensie and Bill

Spring, Carrie and Coelho, Comilo

Spring, David

Szymanski, Jackie and Mike

Taylor, Cathy

Taylor, Emily

Taylor, Karen and Gary

Terwilliger, Roxana and Roy

Wesp, Heather and Bart

West, Sally and Robert

Winslow, Ginger and Ken

Winslow, Regina and Jon

Wray, Betsy and Chris

*newest donors                                                                                                                         It's not too late to contribute!


Prepare for the HOLIDAYS and place your CYC gear orders early!    Due to the custom and made-on-demand nature of the CYC gear, please allow for extended lead times to receive.  We have been advised that all orders for the December holidays should be placed by November 8th.  

CYC Gear


Paul Lamoreux has generously shared his album of our action packed regatta.  Use these links below to view his images of the 420 and Opti lines.

Regatta Photos    

Other CYC Images

Have photos you would like to share?  Add them here!COMMUNITY UPLOADS

It's quite simple : 

  • click on the Add Photos button on the screen, 
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THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who helped to clean and close our clubhouse and grounds.  It's no easy task but this year went very smoothly and we finished in no time.  CYC would not be able to open or close without your elbow grease, we are GRATEFUL See you next June when it's time to do it in reverse!


Any boats in the mooring field should be checked before and after - regardless if this is during the open CYC season or after this weekend. 


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