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Summer 2021


Chatham Yacht Club

Turns 100!


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August 11, 2021


History was made this week on Pleasant Bay

(link to see this fabulous photo in full color)

Dan Mendelsohn, Bonnie Rosenthall, Anne Sampson, Ann Reese, John Maggioni, Chuck Bartlett, Barb Shipley, Allison Coleman,

Ted Dickson, Natalie Coleman-Fuller, Paul Burmeister , Alan McClennen, Jr. 

Front Row: Bill Coleman, Bill Clary

What a week of excitement at CYC.  Chatham Yacht club kicked off the centennial festivities by hosting the historic Leo J. Telesmanick regatta.   2021 marks the centennial of both the Beetle Cat and Chatham Yacht Club.   The Beetle Cat is a type of sailboat whose design is the oldest in the world and is still being used for racing and made out of wood.  The Telesmanick Beetle Cat regatta registered over 70 boats.  A glorious, if intimidating, start line!    Thank you to the many volunteers who helped with the enormous endeavor. 

Midweek, CYC hosted the SMSA  Junior Team Race Championships for the Durant Trophy.  Chatham Yacht Club  sailors competed in this two day event against eight other yacht clubs including, Beverly YC (2nd),  Wianno YC (3rd), Hyannis YC, Stone Horse YC, West Dennis YC, Stage Harbor YC, Cotuit Mos. YC, Wequaquet Lake YC.   The CYC team shrugged off an early defeat to finish up strong in gusting southwest winds.  CYC won the Durant Trophy for the 1st time!

The original boat of Chatham Yacht Club, the Bay Bird, and their owners put on a special show as they arrived at CYC on Friday.  The Bay Bird Parade gave some of our members a chance to join the crew and go out for a sail on Pleasant Bay.  This is the 1st time a single class of boat has sailed in the same waters for the same trophy, 100 years apart.  CYC would like to thank the Pleasant Bay Camp group and Namequoit Sailing Association who have played a big role in keeping the bay bird sailing for this past century.  Their enthusiasm made it possible. (see below on the President's Cup)

The CYC Volunteer spirit was in full display on Friday afternoon as the dedicated group of volunteers scurried and decorated for the Centennial Gala 'under the tent'.   Over 230 members and guests came together to celebrate this milestone.  There were toasts, speeches, dancing, laughter and tears.  There was magic in the air!  Of the many notable moments and guests included fifteen past commodores (see photo above).  Nancy Hauers Doyle also joined in the festivities.  She has the distinction of being the longest continuous current CYC member.  She also wrote the first CYC jibsheet newsletter in the winter of 1970-71.

Saturday morning  147 boats gathered in the waters of Pleasant Bay for the early morning harbor start of the historic Chatham Yacht Club Centennial Regatta.    In fact, this 100th regatta allows Alan McClennen, Jr.  the distinction of  participating in the 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th CYC regattas.  Certainly this qualifies for some record!

Chatham Yacht Club is blessed with many talented sailors.  During this regatta, both Ryan McGauley and Katelyn McGauley (420s) and Duncan Howes (Sunfish) placed first in ALL of their races.   Polly Dickson (aged 94) was awarded the sportsman ship award for the CYC Centennial Regatta.

After two days of sailing in beautiful weather, the Chatham Yacht Club Centennial Regatta wrapped with the awards ceremony and celebratory cupcakes.  Phew!

Link to a pdf copy of the Centennial Gala Program


CYC Centennial would not be possible without these generous volunteers, thank you!!

  • Centennial Gala: Nikki Bartlett, Kristen Zabbo, Laura Etre, Jenna Benson, Deb McLean, Jenn and Michael Gilmartin, Kerry Cahaly, Jessica Bassett, Ali and Bill Douglass, Amy Dow, Fiona Elwood, Hope Foley, Julie Howell, Dolly Howell.
  • Hospitality: Anna Robbins, Heather Wesp, Kerry Cahaly, Jackie Szymanski, Cheryl Hoenemeyer, Liz Kintz, Melissa Proia, Deb McLean, Peter Olney, Anne Sampson, Julie Woodward.

  • Gear: Suzanne Lenox, Cara Maggioni, Jackie Szysmanski.
  • CYC Staff: Jeff Howell, Ashley Dart, Calder Robbins, Grace Gunsalus.
  • Awards: David Spring.
  • Pennants: Garland Kincaid.
  • Food Contributions: Heather Clary, Alison Douglass, Julie Howell, Charlie Lower, Debora McHorney, Meg Blanchet, Alicia Downs, Sarah Lipson, Carolyn Paczkowska, Annemarie Paczkowska, Jacki Szymanski, Melissa Proia, Deb McLean, Peter Olney, Catherine Berube, Sam Benson, Sarah Eslick, Kerry Williams
  • Patrol: Nancy Murphy, Chris Wray, Todd and Suzanne Lenox, Jeff Reuland, Schuyler and Penny Peck, Jay Gassner, Paul Burmeister, Sam and Jenna Benson, Alan and Fran McClennen, Julie and Neil Murphy, Mike and Jackie Szymanski, Katy and Frank Sherer, Rob Fuller, Julie Howell, Scott Clary, Jeff Ward.
  • Race Committee: Ted Dickson, Polly Dickson, Melise O’Sullivan, Anna Marie Johansen, Carol Barrow, Meredith Dart, Barb Shipley, Bridget Dickson, Walt and Garland Kincaid, Nancy Murphy, Angela Scipione, Heather Wesp, Nikki Bartlett.
  • Scorer: Jensie Shipley, Karina Lamoreux.

And of course, a giant thank you to the ALL-STAR staff!  

For this many events and the amount of logistics involved, the week went off better than could be expected. 


CYC in conjunction with Forest Beach Jewelers has produced two lovely Chatham Yacht Club charms to commemorate the centennial.  Proceeds will be used towards the many needs of CYC.   Charms featuring the CYC burgee with "100" on the back, are available in 14k gold or sterling silver. Please look for more information on how to order yours coming to your inbox soon. 


Attention CYC sailors, the Lane Leighton will take place Monday to Thursday of next week.  The first round takes place in class in their respective boats.  The top two sailors from every class move onto the semi-finals Wednesday morning with the finals taking place on Thursday.  (Wednesday and Thursday sails take place in Beetle Cats.)

Congratulations to all of the CYC sailors who participated in the Hyannis Regatta! Another fun Character Day at CYC!